March 10, 2020

Equestrian Newsletter 6 March 2020

A Reflection Dressage Day

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Dressage Day

On Sunday, 23 February, I competed in the Geelong interschool dressage competition.

I recently got my first horse, Huggy, and even though we are still getting used to each other I was proud of our efforts on the day.

Our main goal was to complete the 2 tests (test 1A and test 1B) in a relaxed and calm manner as it was my first dressage completion and Huggy’ sfirst one in 6 years. However, luckily it all came back to her. She did everything she was asked, listened to my aids and we rode 2 lovely tests,scoring a 59.8% on our first on and a 61.5% on our second.

Overall, the day was a large learning curve, but I really enjoyed it.

Samara Younger

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