November 23, 2020

From the Deputy (Wellbeing)

A Message from the Deputy Principal (Wellbeing), Peter Augustin

Dear Families, 

Restorative Practices - Student Engagement Plan

As you are hopefully aware over the past 5 years Assumption College has been working to further embed Restorative Practices into our policies and procedures amongst our staff, students and parent body. As a Marist Community, developing authentic and strong relationships is at the heart of what we do and it is through a restorative lens in which we develop positive interactions and connect with one another. Throughout this journey, a number of professional development sessions have been presented and offered to staff, students and parents to ensure that this becomes a common understanding and is known and understood amongst our College community.  

The recently developed Student Engagement Plan, (shown below) was recently shared with staff and students earlier this term and outlines the key philosophies that underpin our Restorative approach. I hope that many of the terms and phrases are familiar to you, and that as we promote, challenge and develop our students’ ability to be able to manage and learn the skills to positively relate to others around them, you too can do the same. This may take place in a conversation at the dinner table, walking the dog at night or simply just being present with your child through the everyday ups and downs of life.  

At the end of last term Adam Voigt from RealSchools, who we have been partnering with over the past 3 years, held two parent seminars targeting specific approaches that you may be able to utilise when having Restorative Conversations with your child. Both episodes are just over 50 minutes and are highly recommended to give yourself a few tips and tricks the next time that you need some guidance in this space.    

Bully Proofing Your Teen (Targeted for Parents with students in Year 7 – 9)

Building a Resilient Teenager (Targeted for Parents with students in Year 10 – 12)

If you would like more resources or background regarding Restorative Practices please feel free to visit and enter the username: assumptionck password: assumptionck for hundreds of articles/ videos and prompters as to how Restorative Practices can be embedded into your daily routines. 

If you have any questions regarding the Students Engagement Plan, I encourage you to speak with your child’s Learning Mentor or House Leader.  

Warm Regards,

Peter Augustin, Deputy Principal (Wellbeing)

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