March 10, 2020

From the Principal

A Message from Principal Fogarty

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Dear Parents and Carers,

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day provides us a space to remember and celebrate the lives of those women who have positively influenced our lives.

As a school founded by a group of men who honoured the life of a woman (Mary, the mother of Jesus), it’s fitting for us to consider the way that women have shaped and changed our world for the better.  

This International Women’s Day,let’s not just remember those strong, compassionate and dedicated women who came before us, but also those who work alongside us both physically and figuratively to improve the world we live in today.

And, just as importantly, let’s pledge to support and encourage the young women who are growing into the change-agents and leaders of tomorrow. May their path, trodden also by us,bring them encouragement and support. We prayed a beautiful prayer in Learning Mentor Groups this morning, which we’ve shared before.

Coronavirus update

Thanks to those parents who’ve been proactive in quarantining their children who may have come in contact with the virus – we really appreciate that families are doing their best to manage difficult situations at home and keep us in the loop in a timely manner.

In the event that there are health changes in your family over the weekend or into the evening, the phone that is best to leave a message at is: 03 5783 5194.

By way of normal business, we would appreciate it if you could reiterate to your daughters and sons the fundamentals of good hand-hygiene and sneeze and cough etiquette.

On Tuesday morning we will be surveying all students to get a sense of the home internet and general access for our students. We are hopeful that the vast majority will have no issues with accessing their school work from home, and will seek to mitigate any concerns about this as best we can.

Year 7 Camp

Once again the students and staff have had a lovely time at their annual Orientation Camp. The activities and opportunities to get to know each other are especially important at this time in their lives, and we thank the staff for being so generous (and energetic) in giving time away from their own families to ensure the students could get to know each other and our staff in a more intense and enjoyable setting.  

Year 12s are headed off on their Retreat in a fortnight, and we also wish them all the best as they sit their first assessments and prepare for this important spiritual and communal time together.

Peace and blessings,
Kate Fogarty

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