June 11, 2020

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An Update from Mrs Alexa Hunt!

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Reading is a great pastime any time of year but it sounds like we’ve all done some great reading in Term Two!

Some students have revisited old favourites on their bookshelves at home and some students have really embraced reading eBooks and listening to audio books.

Many students took us up on our offer of a Delivery Service too!(Thanks, Mr Katal, for being our Uber Books Driver!)

Don’t forget to log your reading at the Great Winter Reading Challenge at the Library Homepage to earn some points for your house!

While we have been learning via Assumption@Home, the Book Lovers Club has given us a chance to meet online, talk about books and do some really fun activities together.

Personally I will never forget our “Would you rather?” session where we pondered age-old questions like “Would you rather Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?”, “The Hunger Games or Divergent?” and the highly controversial“Books or movies?”

Hands up in the air or hands on heads indicated the answer and some of us had to explain our choices – which wasn’t always easy!

Mrs Reid also tested our knowledge with a challenging quiz in another session. It’s not too late to join in – please email the Library if you would like to be part of our Club.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Alexa Hunt
Director of Library and Information Services​

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