February 7, 2020

Sports News: Feb 2020

Welcome to the start of 2020 Sports at Assumption College!

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Hello and welcome back to an exciting year ahead for Co-Curricular Sport!

2020 is the Centenary Year of AGSV Sport and this coming weekend, Saturday February 8th is the designated Summer ‘Centenary Round’ whereby Assumption College students will participate in celebrating 100 years of AGSV sport.

The note below will be read as part of a speech to be made by each home team captain on the day.

“The Centenary of the AGSV provides us all with an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful sporting competition which has given generations of students memorable sporting experiences.

Some of our most vivid memories of school are often about sport: from the friendships formed on the bus, to the exhilaration of celebrating a hard fought win with your team and schoolmates.

As research has shown, involvement in sport is closely linked with academic performance; it promotes teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship and results in success that comes with hard work and persistence. It also helps us gain perspective on the wins and losses of life. Children and adolescents who play sport are much more likely to continue to enjoy sport as adults and as a result, reap many health benefits.

100 years ago in 1920, 8 boys schools established the AGSV. The Association has been through many transformations,including the increase in the number of sports on offer and the introduction ofgirl’s competition.

Now, in 2020, our Centenary Year, the AGSV proudly continues to offer and promote a strong sporting culture within its nine member schools.”

Good luck to all students participating on the day!

Photo credit to Wazfrom Ausigns, our magnificent oval credit goes to Mark Carboon.

Marist Cricketers Celebrate

Congratulations to our First XI for their win in December; such a well-deserved result for all involved and big thanks to our wonderful coaches Brett Cavigan and Alan Slocombe along with Mr Merigan and parent Greg Sharp for their support throughout the carnival.

Some highlights as shared by Mr Merigan offers an insight into the fun had by all:

“The boys were great all week and played their hearts out for the College. The reward was winning the Carnival!”

Highlights in no particular order:

The Peanut Butter Incident

Winning the Carnival

Declan’s 6/28 – named as Player of the Day (Day 4)

Sloc’s driving!!

Riley winning Batter of the Carnival (scored the most runs) and named as Marist Combined XI Captain

Alan Slocombe named as “Coach” of the Combined Marist XI team.

Well done, boys! We wish you all the best for the remaining summer season of AGSV cricket.

Co-Curricular Sport Reminders

Just a few reminders as we recommence Saturday Sport for the term.

Absences - All absences must be submitted to the coach and my office by the Monday prior to game day for approval via the Student Co-Curricular Form which can be found on our school website. This is the only means of informing coaches of the intent of a player to miss a game.

Uniforms – It is now expected that all students will participate in the new uniform, if you have any concerns regarding this please contact me ASAP,uniforms can be tried on at reception and ordered online via our new website. Deliveries are made every Thursday to the school office and students will be notified once they arrive for pick up.

Fixtures/bus schedules – All fixtures can be found on our school website and bus schedules are posted every Monday. Please note that cancellations do occur at times and buses are required to reschedule so please ensure your student checks their email for any changes until late Friday afternoon as this is often a coach’s only means of communication.

Firsts Trials

We are conducting trials for Girls Basketball and Netball in the coming weeks. All students must register with me via email prior to the first session. (Monday 10th Feb, basketball and Thursday 13th Feb, netball)

Please note that we do not typically select junior players for these teams however if you feel your child is capable to participate at this level please contact me at any time to discuss.

Narae Blackwell
Sports Coordinator

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