Building Greatness at

Assumption College




At Assumption College we are set to embark on a bold and visionary project.

One that will create transformational change across our school and the community – the delivery of a new state-of-the-art community centre and sports pavilion.

Situated in the heart of the College precinct, this magnificent new complex will serve as the premier sports facility and form a key gathering point for significant College occasions.

The facility is designed to replace the much-loved Harry M Anderson pavilion, a special place which has loyally served the school since it was constructed in 1974, but is no longer fit for the purpose or able to cope with the demands placed upon it.

It is the vision and foresight of those who have come before that inspires us to lead this exciting project today. This is your opportunity to be involved in something truly special.

Our dream is to deliver this new project through philanthropy, enabling the College to continue to dedicate our resources to further enhance educational facilities.

"Planning for the future of our youth is one thing that Assumption does especially well! Planning for the future of our school is also an important matter that needs to be attended to with an open heart and a keen sense of where the future is calling us."
– Kate Fogarty, Principal
"For some, their time at ACK was a passing stage of adolescence. For others, it was life-changing: shaping them, their careers and providing the foundation for many of their most enduring friendships.
If, like me, you consider yourself part of the second group, you now have the opportunity to give back to the school we love, and support this exciting development initiative for the future."
– Simon J Costa, Co-Patron, Class of 1985, Hall of Excellence, ACKOCA President
"I'm very happy to be involved in this campaign. To work with the College on a project of this scale is humbling for us all. I'd encourage all the people I have worked with over the years, the players I have coached, the students and boarders I taught, to pitch in and help make this dream a reality."
– Ray Carroll, Co-Patron, Former Staff, Coach XI, Coach XVIII
"I invite all members of our great Assumption College community: past students, current and past families and staff, suppliers and friends of the College to get behind this truly wonderful project by making a gift of significance and impact."
– Damien Meredith, Appeal Chair, Class of 1974


Assumption Community Pavilion

Hall of Excellence

The Community and Sports Pavilion will be the new permanent home of the Assumption College Hall of Excellence, which recognises the contribution many of our past students have made to society across many fields including science, law, the arts, not-for-profit sector, medicine, education, business and sport.

A Home for all Sports

As a modern, contemporary College, the new pavilion will first and foremost, be home to all sixteen Assumption sporting pursuits. Features include four modern change rooms, first aid centre, umpires' rooms, rehab spaces including an ice bath, warm up spaces, equipment storage facilities and a 25 seat grandstand.

A Learning Hub

The new pavilion will be a practical and innovative learning space that will enable students and staff to gather in larger numbers for year level assemblies, house activities and staff training. This space will add a new dimension to what is possible in a rapidly changing educational environment.

Alumni Gathering Place

Strategically positioned with spectacular views of Carroll Oval, the pavilion is the place where our old collegians can meet for informal gatherings and formal reunions; a place to call home. The two story atrium entrance will be a perfect place to celebrate our rich heritage.

A Space for Community

Capable of seating 200, the pavilion is the last step in the completion of an exceptional boarding village. Boarders and their families can now dine as one in the function centre that will be a premier facility in the greater Kilmore area, one that can be utilised by the community, local groups and service clubs.

Pavillion Design

A Plan for the Future

The physical development of the College and its grounds over the next decade will see the creation of a special precinct in Kilmore, one which the entire community can be proud.

The College is working in tandem with our architects to develop its capital priorities for a new Master Plan that will shape the direction of infrastructure projects.

The overall footprint of the College will grow to over 95 acres with the acquisition of a parcel of land adjacent to Lancefield Road.

Campaign Committee

Project Appeal Campaign Committee

The scale of the project requires a whole team effort and Assumption has assembled together a passionate and dedicated group.

Appeal Committee


Ray Carroll   -  Former Staff
Simon Costa  - President ACKOCA, Class of 1985

Campaign Committee Members

Damien Meredith  -  Chair, Class of 1974
Peter McCormack - Deputy Chair, Class of 1975
Brian Taylor  -  Deputy Chair, Current ACK Parent
Peter White   -  Marist Schools Australia
Fr Michael Elligate  -  Class of 1964
Br Doug Walsh  -  Marist Brothers, Former Staff
Jack Kennedy  -  Class of 1957
Kate Fogarty   -  Principal
Bernie Shinners  -  Chair College Advisory Council


Your Gift Recognised

This project will require a total investment of $5 million, importantly, our College has pledged to invest $1.5 million to the project. As the first philanthropic program in more than 40 years, our dream is to raise the majority of these funds from our extraordinary Assumption community.

We have developed a range of naming opportunities to be awarded in recognition of certain gifts to the appeal. Naturally, recognition is always considered in close consultation with the donor prior to any announcement.

Gifts and Tax Benefits

Gifts to this campaign are tax deductible and can be pledged over three years.

All donations are kept strictly confidential.

Please note: this table is intended as a guide only. Assumption College does not provide financial advice and recommends seeking information from your accountant or financial planner.