Co-Curricular at

Assumption College



We offer our students many ways to become involved in the vibrant cultural life of Assumption College.

Singing, playing instruments, dancing, acting photography, art & design – creative students perfect their talents at Assumption!


At Assumption College's Champagnat Centre, students explore music in all its facets – vocal, instrumental, performance and recording.

There are four bands and four musical ensembles that students can join, depending on their year level, and singers can join the choir or work on their solo performances.

Our musicians and singers get to showcase their talents at our musical soirees and annual talent contest.

Students also perform at lunchtime concerts, full-school assemblies and Masses – and join our dancers at the Assumption Day concert and Exchange with Sacred Heart College, Adelaide each August.

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Students with a passion for acting will find fantastic opportunities at Assumption College – expanding their skills through drama, comedy and character-driven performance.

Each year, we stage either a junior or senior drama production. There’s always a long list of students ready to audition and work as support crew during rehearsals and shows.


Our dance classes allow students to attain mastery in classic and contemporary techniques alike – a celebration of agility, movement and expression.

Students in sessional dance classes, and those in dance classes from Years 9 to 12, are automatically involved in our dance concert. However, those that do not participate in dance classes are also encouraged to take part. Routines are prepared and costumes are provided.

taking the stage

Students have a range of performing arts to explore, with dedicated facilities such as the Champagnat Centre and the college's theatrette.

Visual Art

Assumption College provides state-of-the-art facilities for creative students to learn techniques and grow their skills, talents and confidence.

The Hermitage Art & Technology Centre is a place of thriving creativity, with drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture and photography complemented by digital media labs and tech workshops.

Our annual Art & Technology Show is a gallery gala for our students and their parents, friends and peers.

Co-Curricular Photography

The Assumption College student photography team plays a critical role in capturing the day-to-day happenings on campus – as well as inspiring their peers with creative output.

Their work is a major element in the yearbook, contributes to social content and even accounts for a large percentage of the images on this website!