Learning at

Assumption College



High Expectations and Building Capacity

The Marist founder, Saint Marcellin Champagnat responded to the needs of his times. Inspired by his example, we dedicate ourselves to building an aspirational and responsive school that ignites a love of learning and celebrates personal excellence in all its forms. We plan and act so that upon leaving Assumption, our students are creative and curious people who embrace lifelong learning. Our myMAP model for personalised learning is founded on the principles of mastery, autonomy and purpose. Whilst it might sound new, personalised learning is not a recent idea. It has its roots in the best practices in education and has the capacity to let each student’s learning experience be one that promotes growth and success, by providing an educational path that reflects their needs, interests and aspirations.

myMAP acknowledges that students learn at different speeds and have different strengths. Our program provides learning opportunities across different levels, represented by the colours of our College crest rather than traditional year levels. This allows students agency to reinforce their skills and knowledge without being tied to numbers, whilst also offering the opportunity to challenge themselves for their growth. For those seeking a traditional year 7-10 school experience for their child, this is entirely possible. For those who want more, myMAP is the perfect solution. This approach allows students a choice in their own learning and encourages them to explore pathways that interest them as they progress towards a senior school certificate.