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Pastoral Care at Assumption College

Family spirit is a hallmark of Assumption College. It is borne out in the willingness of our parents, staff and student to lend a hand. We see it when parents help with RURBAN, coach a sporting team or attend a working bee.

Family spirit is there when our teachers stay back after hours to help tutor students or to coach a sporting team. We see it in the cooperative approach of students willing to help each other and the close bonds that are formed between them. These are all demonstrations of the family spirit at Assumption College which underpins pastoral care.

The pastoral care structure is based around a student's house. Each student belongs to a learning mentor group within their house where friendships can be consolidated each day and where a teacher is appointed to keep a check on their academic, social and general progress. This staff members is the first point of contact for parents in dealing with any matter relating to their child.

Learning mentors are supported by house leaders. This structure fosters a sense of belonging, and our young people are encouraged to nominate for positions of leadership and service within their houses or in the wider school community.

The college also provides counsellors and a trained psychologist for when students and/or their families need special support.


Created to complement the myMap platform, myBeing is a three-year program that fosters social and emotional development.

myBeing focuses on:

  • Personal relationship building
  • Learning to learn
  • Food, nutrition and education
  • Safety (online, physical and personal)
  • Vocational pathways
  • Mindfulness
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid


Students in Year 12 engage with the weekly Seminar program. This provides access to unique and exciting guest speakers from a range of organisations. These speakers have engaged with students through active storytelling, speaking of their battles with illness, through creative music, including World Music from Timor Leste.