November 17, 2020

Social Justice Update

A Message from the Social Justice Team!

These two weeks in August are Australia and New Zealand’s Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade Fortnight is a time for us to focus on the decisions we make as consumers to ensure that the products we buy have been ethically produced.

Fairtrade is a certification that indicates that a product has been grown by farmers and manufactured by workers who are treated and paid fairly. Consumers can be confident that products that are labelled with Fairtrade certification have not exploited children or other vulnerable people in the production process.

To buy a Fairtrade product means you are a part of one of the world’s largest movements for change. Fairtrade certification can help lift a farmer or worker out of poverty. It can give a child an education, and grow a community or a business. Fairtrade is a tool fo ra better life for farmers, workers and their families.


They say you vote with your wallet. When you make the choice to buy certain kinds of products over others, it has a big impact on people everywhere and on the planet. This fortnight especially, the Social Justice Groups asks that when you shop, take a moment to look for the Fairtrade certification.

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