November 17, 2020

Timor Leste Appeal

Fundraising to support the work of Marist Solidarity in Quelicai, Timor Leste.

Since the mid 2000s, Assumption College Kilmore, in conjunction with Australian Marist Solidarity, has sponsored education projects in Timor Leste, one of Australia’s closest neighbours, and one of the poorest nations in the region. It is an important connection that has fostered and strengthened the beautiful relationships and friendships that have existed between Australians and the people of Timor Leste over many years, and attempts to redress the many injustices inflicted up on this proud nation throughout its recent history. 

Currently, Assumption College Kilmore is committed to raising $AUS25,000 to help rebuild the primary school in the village of Quelicai. It is the most recent project in a long line of educational projects that our community has supported. 

The shared history of our two nations cries out for justice, and a generous response from Australians in our position of relative wealth and privilege. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year, the College’s traditional fundraising activities have not been able to take place. But the desperate need for educational facilities in Timor Leste remains. As does Assumption College Kilmore's commitment to its annual sponsorship of this project in Quelicai.

During this time of pandemic, we appreciate that many in our community are doing it tough, and so are unable to contribute to any fundraising. But perhaps, ironically, the Coronavirus and generous government support packages initiated in response to COVID-19, have left you in a better financial position than before. If this is your situation, and you can help work with the people of Timor Leste to rebuild their education system and schools, we and they would treasure and value your support. 

Donations can be made directly to the college or anonymously through our specially set up GoFundMe page: 

2020 Assumption Marist Solidarity Quelicai Appeal

Donations made to Marist Solidarity are fully tax deductible. 

Thank you for your support and generosity towards the people of Timor Leste, and in particular the children and the community of Quelicai who will directly benefit from your generosity and support.

Paul Reed, Director of Mission

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