May 13, 2020

View from the Faith Office

A Reflection on this Sunday's Gospel from the Faith Office

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The Courage and Faith of Doubting Thomas

This Sunday’s Gospel is the famous story of Doubting Thomas; the apostle who refused to believe unless he could physically see and touch the risen Christ.

It’s such a relevant story for us at the moment because it encourages us to face the challenges of the day with courage and an open heart, not with fear and doubt.

You might like to take 15 minutes to listen to and meditate on this dramatic reading of the Doubting Thomas story. May we have the courage, as Thomas eventually did, to boldly proclaim as we look at the world around us: “My Lord and My God!”

Loving Father
Help us to overcome all our fears.
Give us the courage to face our doubts
And respond with confidence and hope.
May we see your beauty and goodness
In the world around us.
And like Thomas, may we boldly proclaim you
As Lord and God.

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